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Revolutionising Corporate Entertainment with Silent Concerts

Dance FLOOR!

SoniQ Empires is revolutionizing the corporate entertainment field with its unique Silent Concerts. Offering a solution to noise controlled event spaces, inspired by the success of silent discos the band delivers live music directly into wireless headphones, creating an immersive experience. Ideal for corporate functions, private parties, and fundraising events.

Experience a novel trend at your event with a Silent Concert - a cutting-edge innovation in corporate entertainment that is making waves worldwide. SoniQ Empires, actively embracing modern technology and change, is a dynamic party band available for corporate and private parties. They provide the unique option of delivering music directly into the wireless headphones worn by your audience.

Drawing inspiration from the popularity of silent discos, the band offers the choice of functioning as a Low Volume Band. This caters perfectly to noise-sensitive environments without sacrificing the energy or vibrancy of their performances.

How does it work?

Much like the technology used in silent discos, the live band performs, and this performance, mixed by skilled engineers, is typically delivered to large speakers and amps. Instead, the mix is sent to a radio transmitter, which broadcasts the signal to the headphones worn by the audience.

Where would silent live music be beneficial?

The innovative concept of silent concerts brings forth a new spectrum of potential performance venues. For example, many museums, historic buildings, or locations with sound restrictions prohibit the use of live instruments. This often leaves incredible spaces unused. However, these are just a few examples. There are countless instances where clients and audiences desire a lively party with live entertainment and musicians but can't create much noise. In such cases, a silent concert could be an ideal solution.

That said, this doesn't prevent SoniQ Empires from delivering what they do best - exciting live performances using PA systems. The Silent Concert is simply an alternative option for unique circumstances.

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