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Dance FLOOR!

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Soniq EmpireS Party Band Live Entertainment

When it comes to booking a Party Band for your Event and you can afford nothing to go wrong. You look for the most experienced and professional live band for hire you can find. SoniQ Empires are exhilarating pop entertainers with over a decade of experience. Performing company parties, Weddings, Functions, Awards dinners, Product Launches and Milestone Birthday parties all over the world. Trusted by large companies, celebrities and those celebrating their special occasions. Guaranteeing peace of mind and an evening which will be remembered by attendees for years to come. That is our speciality!

What makes soniq empires the perfect band to hire for my Event?

A unique image! Tightly choreographed energetic stage show! And an extensive musical repertoire. SoniQ Empires will have an immediate and lasting impact on any audience. Book SoniQ Empires today to experience one of the most exciting Party Bands around.

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Revolutionising Corporate Entertainment with Silent Concerts

SoniQ Empires is revolutionizing the corporate entertainment field with its unique Silent Concerts. Offering a solution to noise controlled event spaces, inspired by the success of silent discos the band delivers live music directly into wireless headphones, creating an immersive experience. Ideal for corporate functions, private parties, and fundraising events.

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SoniQ Empires are so much more than just a party band. SoniQ Empires show is an uncompromising, unique, emotive experience from start to finish. Years of performing all scales and types of events for private and corporate clients worldwide has qualified SoniQ Empires carefully honed show unforgettable.

This 5 piece corporate event band can deliver a MASSIVE sound. And a unique audience experience. Whilst many party bands in the field of Live Events focus entirely on musical performance. SoniQ Empires have a much broader approach. For us, it’s about you and your audience. Our aim is to ensure that everyone in the room feels comfortable. Everyone will join in with a great night of partying at your Event or Party. It is a top priority to provide an ‘inclusive’ experience. You can expect every Party hit song and floor filler you’ve ever heard catered specifically for your audience.

SoniQ Empires give you the piece of mind that your Live Event, Corporate Event, Function, Party or Wedding will be one to remember.