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Making your event memorable

Dance FLOOR!

Considerations to make your event memorable.

What makes an event truly memorable?

It’s a competitive time for the events industry. When all the stops are being pulled out to put on a successful event, it can be hard to be original and inspiring; but there are plenty ways of making your event the most exciting and memorable experience for any audience.

Speaking from an entertainment point of view, I believe this to be one of the most crucial elements that makes an event successful, and usually one of the key post-party talking points singled out by the attendees. The Party Band is without doubt the loudest and most attention grabbing point during the corporate event or party, mainly because of the volume and presence it conveys. So, with this amount of focus on the entertainment, it has to be right if you want a make a great impression.

At a recent event that we played for a national, corporate client, SoniQ Empires, a seasoned event band who are known for their crowd pleasing antics, delivered a great example of crowd engagement and a memorable experience. Always with our fingers on the trending pulse, we embraced the recent social media phenomenon of the mannequin challenge. The band decided to get the 2000 strong audience to participate in the challenge half way through the show and the results can be seen in the video below. This was very much an impromptu moment for the audience, but SoniQ Empires have vast experience of working with large audiences and at that point, they were definitely with us and thrilled to be involved. The moment was right!

With the fantastic participation of the audience, the company who hired the band, decided to share the ad-hoc mannequin challenge across their own social media channels. This generated a viral effect, meaning they were able to engage not only the audience in attendance, but a much greater audience as the video spread across the internet. This delivered a side benefit of brand awareness for them. A great outcome and something that can make a huge difference.

Of course, there is a lot that goes into creating a truly exciting and memorable experience and ultimately it involves the successful combination of a number of elements, but I hope this small example of what can be achieved by hiring an experienced and quality corporate event band or band will help anyone planning an event.

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