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Corporate Event Checklist - Entertainment

Dance FLOOR!

Helpful guide to planning a corporate event. With a corporate event checklist of things you've considered and some you should. Entertainment to atmosphere

Entertainment for Corporate Events

From the food to the entertainment, service providers to the venue. There a lot of important aspects of planning a corporate event. I would like to focus for a second on the entertainment. There are plenty ways to for example, you could choose to have a DJ, maybe stilt walkers? or even table entertainment. In my experience one of the biggest wows for any event is a live band.

Where do I start? Well when looking to Hire a band consider what would make the party go off. There are a number of great Party bands around that deliver high quality performances, sometimes even rivalling huge pop stars. With a broad playlists that will cater to any audience a great Party Band should be able to adapt to the situation at a moments notice. True professionals can do just that. When begin your research,  I highly recommend you consider things like budgets. While there are a number of function style bands who have crept out of the pub/club style venues. You should expect to pay more for the real event professionals. The pro bands can't afford to let you down or deliver a poor performance. Their lively hood depends on it. Ask yourself if a band charges a minimal fee, Are they likely to be professionals or guys just doing it for fun on weekends. If the answer is the latter seriously consider the potential of getting an unreliable, unprofessional service.

Other points to look for and this applies to most service suppliers in the corporate event industry. Have they got credible testimonials? Do they carry all the official documentation to deliver the service? If the answer is yes and you love the look of the performance from live videos and photos, You're onto a winner.

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