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Booking with SoniQ Empires: Your Path to an Unforgettable party

Dance FLOOR!

The process to book SoniQ Empires for an electrifying and unforgettable live music experience at your next event!

Whether you're a seasoned event planner or new to the booking process, every band has their own unique approach to working with clients. Here's how SoniQ Empires handles the process.

At SoniQ Empires, we receive inquiries that range from two years in advance to last-minute requests. While both extremes are rare, it's important to note that corporate events can typically be booked anywhere from 1 - 6 months in advance.

Private parties and weddings tend to book further ahead, typically 12 to 18 months in advance. It's worth mentioning that popular dates, especially Saturdays in the summer months, get snapped up quickly.

Due to high demand, we always recommend booking SoniQ Empires as early as possible, or at the very least, expressing your interest in booking us. This is where we'll "pencil you in".

Let's say you're interested in a specific date, but you need some time to think it over or make other arrangements. We can pencil that date in our diary for you - with no obligation. This gives you the first refusal should another inquiry come in for the same date. We typically give you around 48 hours to finalize your decision before either confirming or releasing the penciled booking. This allows us to fill the date if you decide not to proceed.

In cases where two or more clients express interest in the same date, and the first penciled booking can't commit, we give priority to the first client to confirm.

Sometimes, a client may want to book SoniQ Empires but still be uncertain about the date due to venue availability or other factors. In these cases, we're happy to pencil in multiple dates, and the same process applies if another inquiry is received.

Once you've made the decision to book SoniQ Empires, we will email you our contract along with a request for a deposit. Once we receive the deposit, your date is 100% confirmed.

With lots of bookings each year, we highly encourage you to inquire as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Contact us now if you're considering live music at your next event! We can't wait to be the band of choice for your extraordinary occasion!

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